Lightning From the Deck

I've been away awhile, about two months, away from camera, computer and anything photographic.  In that time we cleaned out our original home of 43 years and sold it, finally leaving it June 30.  The accumulations over those years were staggering although some of it came from deceased relatives that was to be dealt with "later", and we all know when later happens. It's when your kids tell you that they don't want the stuff you kept for them.  I'm now convinced that attics and garages are the result of Satan's intrusion into the field of architecture.  Holee mackerel!  But a simple truth in all of this chaos was that every doo-dad, every trinket, every stick of furniture and cooking utensil, and every item of clothing must be dealt with someday by someone.  So be kind to your kids, or leave it all to a reprobate cousin that you despise.

Back to the important stuff, there was some discussion of prairie storms on Facebook when I went into domestic seclusion/delusion, and it brought to mind some of the distant summer thunderstorms that we watched from our deck in Colorado.  Those storms weren't the big dramatic super cells firing off lightning bolts as shown in the prairie scenes; rather, they were big fluffy clouds with internal electrical activity.  The clouds would simply "light up" like giant fireflies!  What a sight!  So, without more useless chatter, I'll let this photograph, which as captured looking southward over the Poudre Canyon, illustrate the phenomenon for me. I didn't crop, so there's too much dead space as well as some noise, but I'm not trying to push this off as art work; it's simply an image of late evening cloud lightning.